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Mission, Vision, and Purpose

We are Olympic- 

lifelong learners, independent thinkers, caring individuals and responsible adults. 


In order to prepare students for the diverse, constantly changing world of the 21st century, we, the Olympic community, will continue to offer and develop a variety of special programs, resources, and alternative learning opportunities which encourage all students to live and work peacefully and collaboratively with others.


The mission of Olympic High School is to help students achieve academic goals, to develop appropriate interpersonal skills, to make intelligent independent choices, and to become self-directed and responsible.


Our purpose at Olympic High School is to meet the needs of students who, for a variety of reasons, are not on track to graduate from high school. Teachers and staff use standards-based instruction, best practices, and data informed decision making to help each student get on track toward graduating from Olympic High School, graduating from her/his comprehensive high school, or passing the GED. We strive to teach both the academics and the life skills that will lead our students to be successful in college, technical school and the job market, and become responsible and productive citizens in the local and global community.

We are Olympic.